Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping

First things first, I was supposed to start work on Monday. As I expected, my start date was delayed due to HR processing. I will now be starting on June 2nd, and I’m really excited about having two additional weeks off. I’ve been in higher education for 6 years, so I’m thankful for a bit of a break before entering the “real world.”


Ron Swanson would be pleased with my delayed start date.

The extra time off is giving me more time to figure out what I want this blog to be. I know that I will continue with day-to-day life updates, occasional meal plan posts, recipe reviews, workout recaps, and fun Fridays. I want to create more consistency with these existing items and start to incorporate more posts about mental health and social justice issues in health. Be on the lookout for some changes over the next couple weeks.

Anyway, on to my weekly meal plan and what I buy at the grocery store!

Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping 5/20-5/26

Screenshot 2014-05-20 13.45.42

The first step in my meal planning process is checking out the fridge and pantry. I throw out anything that’s not good anymore. Hopefully it’s not much because I hate wasting food. Then I see what I already have on hand and make sure the meals I choose include those foods. For example, I had a bunch of asparagus in the fridge, so I decided to try the steak and asparagus stir-fry. (By the way, we ate it on Tuesday, and it was delicious!! Look for the recipe tomorrow.)


All of my produce came from Trader Joe’s this week.

Before I go to the store, I create my grocery list using SayMmm. SayMmm automatically populates a list based on the recipes I put in my meal plan. I delete what I already have at home and additional items such as snacks, toiletries, and paper products that weren’t included. Check out my post about how to meal plan online for more information.


I usually buy meat from Kroger, but this bag of Trader Joe’s frozen chicken breast was only $7!

This week I shopped at Trader Joe’s and Kroger.


Frozen rice is such a great time saver, and it’s slightly less expensive than the pouches. The frozen fruit is great for smoothies!

I tend to buy meat, dairy, and canned products at Kroger instead of Trader Joe’s due to the price difference with those items.


I am obsessed with the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip from Trader Joe’s. Nom!

It is a large amount of food for us since we weren’t home for over a week, and I’m trying to keep more healthy snacks around.


My dairy products are all from Kroger. I am somewhat lactose intolerant, and Kroger’s CARBmaster cultured dairy blend sits better with my stomach than most yogurt.

The total between the two places was about $85.


Canned goods and condiments. Try adding the chili garlic sauce to hummus for an extra kick.

I also purchased some non-food items such as shampoo and paper towels, which aren’t pictured.

I think I’m a weirdo, but I really enjoy meal planning and grocery shopping. It’s like a game to me. I think I’m going to track my spending and work on ways to reduce our grocery bill.

Reader Question: Do you have any tips or tricks to make meal planning and grocery shopping faster or less expensive?


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