Nobody Need Wait a Single Moment

Hope your week is off to a good start! I had another great weekend in Wilmington. In addition to spending time with Derek after  week apart, my best friend Jenna came down to spend the day at the beach. It doesn’t get much better than a gorgeous day on the beach with my husband and best friend.

Last Monday I was out of coffee at home (the horror!), so I went to the coffee shop in the hospital to get an oh-so-necessary caffeine fix.  While I was waiting in line, I heard the most beautiful music. The VA hospital I work in is always bustling, but I swear everyone stopped in awe of the music coming from the piano in the lobby. A veteran was playing, and he was completely immersed in the movement of his fingers across the keys. When he finished, everyone applauded. A few hospital staff members and other veterans shook his hand. Whether routine or emergent, visits to the hospital make many people anxious, and the beautiful music that gentleman played was likely a welcome and soothing distraction for many individuals. It was a wonderful reminder that simple, spontaneous decisions can make another person’s day that much brighter.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

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