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Favorite Posts: July 2014

Wow, July flew by! I’m finally getting into a groove at work now that I’m 2 months in, and Derek’s been in Wilmington on his OBGYN rotation for 4 weeks now (2 more to go!). I also started my first of 12 weeks of half marathon training. Next month will be a busy one, too. I take my licensing exam, we’re going to celebrate Derek’s birthday, we have friends visiting from out-of-town, and Derek will start his family medicine rotation. We may also have an announcement on Saturday. 🙂  Never a dull moment here.

Here are my favorite posts from July 2014:

Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease and Quiet (technically June, but I didn’t get to include it on my last favorites post)

There Is A Sacredness In Tears

Wilmington Weekend Recap

5 Questions

Take Along the Tarter Sauce {Fun Friday}

Wedding {Part 3}: The Reception


P.S. For all my nerds out there, today is Harry Potter’s 34th birthday. Just thought you should know.

Character Cannot Be Developed in Ease and Quiet

Hope you had a great weekend! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for a quote. I could just pick out quotes at random, but I try to select them based on what’s going on in my life. My hope is that other people can better connect to and feel inspired by the quotes if they can identify with them.

With that said, starting work has been a tougher transition than I expected. Up until June, I had been a student my whole life. I went straight from high school to undergrad to graduate school. My world revolved around gaining the knowledge and skills I needed to graduate and to pursue a career in social work. My goals were clear and my time was finite. I needed to meet these certain requirements in this many semesters.

Now I am working without an end date or a clear path ahead. Many people would feel a sense of freedom at this point, but I actually feel lost. I am definitely “Type A,” and the seemingly indefinite nature of this new period of my life overwhelms me sometimes. However, I am also begrudgingly thankful for my recent struggles. As a student, I gained knowledge and skills, but I wasn’t gaining wisdom. I hope and pray that the challenges I face will help me with judgments and decisions in the future, and I’m just feeling some growing pains right now. With that very long explanation, I chose a quote by Helen Keller about how our character is developed. I hope you find it meaningful, too!

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller

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