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In Case of Accident Bring Cheese and Crackers {Fun Friday}

Well I’m posting another Fun “Friday” post on Saturday. Fail. I didn’t get back into town from Kentucky until 1AM Tuesday morning, and it threw off my week a bit. Apologies for the delay! Without further ado, here are some pictures, videos, and stories that made me smile or laugh this week. Enjoy!

Derek is a big Star Wars fan, so I got a kick out of showing him this picture.

According to the source, this little guy won 3rd place in a PetSmart Star Wars competition. I’d love to see the 1st and 2nd place pups because I think this one is great.

Since I’m apparently going through a dog phase, next up is a video of a very vocal dog who hates the alarm clock more than most people do.

You can almost hear him whining, “Turn it offfffffff!”

As a social worker, learning about innovative, community-based non-profit organizations always makes me smile. This week I found out about The Oregon Public House, which is a non-profit pub.  The Oregon Public House seeks to create a “family-friendly pub environment where our neighbors from the surrounding area can come to enjoy community around good food and craft beer while supporting great causes.” The video below explains more about the non-profit and the charities involved.

I’m a fan of their motto as well.


What a cool idea. If I ever make it out to Oregon I plan on visiting.

Finally, I love this winery’s sense of humor. One can only hope for an “unfortunate” wine truck accident.


In case of accident bring cheese and crackers. Lots and lots of cheese and crackers. Source.

Happy weekend to you!

An Alternative Ending {Fun Friday}

Happy Friday! As you may already know, Fridays at Brown is the New Pink are all about smiles and laughter. Below are few funny things I saw this week.

I’m definitely a dog person, and I can’t wait to have one of my own. Derek and I frequently come up with names for our future dog. Stark, Charles, Shadowfax, Winston, and Reginald are some of our more recent picks. (Apparently we like rich, old white-dude names for dogs. Weird.)  I can only hope that little Shadowfax will be half as funny and adorable as this border collie at the bowling alley.

I think all of the athletes out there will appreciate these pictures. A woman posted two pictures from a Spartan Race: one of her and one of her boyfriend. The comparison is hilarious. I’ve definitely been there with awkward racing pictures. I couldn’t find any of my terrible race photos to share; they somehow “got lost.” I will, however, share the awkward outtakes from our engagement pictures last year. Enjoy!

For those of you fancy people out there with the iPhone 5, have you ever used the slow motion camera feature? Derek has one, and we’ve messed around with it a few times. While we were at the beach this week, Derek decided it was a good time to put the camera and the strong wind to good use. Obviously, I was really psyched to flip my hair around; please excuse the cheesy, bordering on creepy, smiling. Also take note of Derek’s crazy-sounding slow mo voice.

My final entry this week is for all of the Game of Thrones fans. (Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the most recent episode on 5/11!) I present the alternative ending to Tyrion’s speech in the most recent episode:

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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