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New Year, New Goals

Can you believe it’s 2015?! As usual, it will take me until about March before I get used to writing “15” at the end of the date. If you read my year in review post, you know that it was a crazy year for me. Between getting married, graduating, and starting my first job last year, I decided that 2015 is a year for low-key goals. Without further ado, here are my goals for 2015:

1. Floss. I know, this one is just waaaaay too exciting. 😉 I’m terrible about flossing though, and I dream of the day when I’m not scolded at the dentist’s office. Is that sad or what?

2. Read more. I love watching my favorite TV shows, but sometimes I end up watching random stuff just because I’m bored. I also love to read, but the convenience of flipping on the TV often wins out. Instead of mindlessly watching shows, I want to pick up a book more often. I’m even considering following along with NPR’s book club the Morning Edition Reads. (I ❤ NPR.)

3. Run in a few fun races. After the let down of training for a half marathon last fall, I decided to focus on having fun with running shorter distances this year. The first race I’m looking at is a St. Patrick’s Day race that includes a Kilt Run and free beer after the race.

4. Clean for 20-30 minutes each day. I started doing this over the past couple weeks, and it makes a HUGE difference. The house looks better, and I spend less time cleaning on the weekend. It’s a win-win!

5. Be a supportive spouse. This is my most important goal for 2015. It’s going to be a BIG year for Derek. This summer he will decide what specialty he wants to pursue, and he’ll start applying for residency programs. He also takes his Step 2 exam and will travel for interviews in the fall. It will be a stressful, exciting time, and I know that I will need to be there for him more than ever. Derek was wonderful and supportive through my crazy 2014, and I’m glad that will be able to focus on supporting him more this year.

A Swift Kick In The Butt {Fun Friday}

Hallelujah, it’s Friday!!! Work was absolutely crazy this week. Obviously I know that protecting confidentiality is of the utmost importance, but sometimes I REALLY wish I didn’t have to abide by HIPAA regulations. You would not believe some of the things I see and hear with my cases. My friends Brittany and Caroline, who are also social workers, devised a plan for us to write a book called I Can’t Make This Sh*t Up. We can all attest to the cliché that truth is stranger than fiction.

Anywayyyy, on to some Fun Friday stories, pictures, and videos!

Let’s get this party started with a dog video. (I have a dog video problem.)

He is so perplexed by that fountain.

Next up is a “Lip Flip” segment from The Tonight Show. Have you seen this yet? This one with Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crystal is by far the funniest one to me.

I find it unsettling and hilarious.

Below is an amusing Calvin and Hobbes strip that I want to put up in my office.



Sometimes we all need one. 🙂

Finally I want to share an NPR segment called, “Beyond Charity: Turning The Soup Kitchen Upside Down.” While charity is certainly necessary in the short-term, it is often not the best way to help people long-term.  Robert Egger, the founder of DC Central Kitchen, noticed that many of the individuals eating at local soup kitchens were battling addiction and facing incarceration in addition to dealing with unemployment and homelessness. Egger decided to take a “teach a man to fish” approach and created a culinary job training program, which teaches individuals how to cook and earn a food handler’s license. The individuals in the job training program help produce approximately 10,000 meals each day. About 5,000 meals are sent to local nonprofit organizations and another 5,000 meals are distributed to local, low-income schools.

My graduate school classmate Allison is starting up a non-profit with a similar model in Chapel Hill, NC. It’s called Made With Love Bakery. Made With Love Bakery is a “faith-based transitional employment bakery sharing the love of Jesus Christ with individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness, giving them a second chance at employment and equipping them with the training and support they need to overcome poverty.” You can find out more on the website or her blog.

Sheesh, I’m supposed to turn off the social work for these posts. What can I say? I love seeing people find creative ways to address social issues. It inspires me.

Have a great weekend!!

Take Along the Tarter Sauce {Fun Friday}

Happy Friday! I hope the week treated you well. I’m off to Wilmington again to visit Derek. We’re halfway through his rotation! Only 3 more weeks of living apart. 🙂

Welcome to another edition of Fun Friday!

What I’m about to share will confirm that I am my mother’s daughter. My mom is a big fan of Life’s Little Instructions Books, and for some odd reason she always kept them in the bathrooms. I grew up getting one or two sentence life advice in the bathroom. Weird, right? Well, my mom gave me one, and guess where it resides? Yes, in my bathroom. Glad I can carry on this bizarre tradition. Anyway, today’s advice is kind of quirky and made me laugh, so I thought I’d share it with y’all.


I cannot wait to tell someone to take along the tarter sauce.

Have you ever wondered what the velociraptors in Jurassic Park were actually thinking? (Wow, this post keeps getting weirder.) Me either, but the comic below shows what Jurassic Park may have been like from their perspective.


Poor, innocent velociraptor. Those things terrified/fascinated me as a kid. Did you know there is a 4th Jurassic Park movie coming out next summer? Chris Pratt, whom I love from Parks and Rec, is the lead character. And let me just tell you, he looks SO GOOD.


Oh hey there Chris Pratt.

Since we’re on the topic of Chris Pratt, I will share one of my favorite scenes from Parks and Rec.  Chris Pratt’s character Andy Dwyer forgot to pay the cable bill, and a group of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) campaign donors have gathered to watch a televised debate. Andy takes it upon himself to provide entertainment while Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) steals the neighbor’s cable.

Love that character.

On an unrelated note, I listen to NPR on my way to work every morning, and I heard an amazing piece this week. Ted Stanley, founder and former CEO of MBI Inc., is giving $650 MILLION to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The money will be used for psychiatric research that focuses on genetic contributions to mental illness.

Ted Stanley’s experience with mental illness in his personal life inspired him to make this incredible gift. His son Jonathan Stanley was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychosis when he was 19 years old. Fortunately Jonathan responded well to lithium and went on to complete college and law school. However, the Stanley family recognizes that other families and individuals aren’t so lucky. Some individuals do not respond to medications as well or without devastating side effects. Jonathan Stanley had this to say about his father’s donations, “A lot of rich families – a good chunk of this huge amount of money that’s going to Broad – would’ve ended up in my bank account. All I can say is my family got it right.” Indeed they did.

Have a great weekend!


Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables {Fun Friday}

It’s a historic day here on Brown is the New Pink. I’m posting my fun Friday post on Friday afternoon. Victory!

TGIF y’all! It’s been another busy week. My dad had  knee replacement surgery on Monday, so I’ve been checking in with my parents everyday. He’s home now and doing well, but I wish I could be there with them. On a good note, I also bought my plane ticket for my trip home to Kentucky in September. We’ll be celebrating my grandfather’s 90th birthday the weekend that I visit. I can’t wait to see everyone! I also got dinner with my friends Caroline and Jenna this week, and I had a great time catching up with both of them. To top it all off, Derek is coming home tonight! It’s always a good week when I get to see or talk to all of my favorite people.

Anyway, enough about my week. On to some stories, videos, and pictures that made me smile and laugh this week.

I haven’t posted anything from him in a while, but I love Stephen Colbert. He never fails to make me laugh. Below is a clip of him and Jon Stewart vying for the title of World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan.

Jamil Ahmad, former Pakistani civil servant, wrote a book of short stories called The Wandering Falcon. He passed away this week at home at the age of 83. I heard Ahmad’s story on NPR, and I’ve had it on my mind ever since. He completed the book’s manuscript around 1973-74. Ahmad reached out to publishers back then, but no one took the story. His wife, Helga Ahmad, persisted with the search for a publisher, and he was finally published when he was 79 years old. It took 40 years and the encouragement and support of his spouse, but he finally became a published author. What a great reminder to never give up on your dreams and that supporting others’ dreams can make all the difference for them.

Like most people, I attend several meetings each week at work. While I can appreciate their purpose, they can be long and tedious. The image below sums up how I feel towards the end of seemingly never-ending meeting.


Below is an amusing video about an innovative way to reduce food waste and get more people to eat fruits and vegetables. The EU made 2014 the “European Year Against Food Waste,” and a supermarket chain in France decided to launch a campaign to sell imperfect fruits and vegetables. The campaign is called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables.” The grocery stores sold fruit juice and vegetable soup made with inglorious fruits and veggies to show that they tasted the same as their better looking counterparts, and they reduced the price of these fruits and vegetables by 30%. Less waste and more affordable produce? What a great idea!

I’ll conclude this week’s fun Friday post with a mindlessly funny video. The dog in the video is SO freaked out by an egg rolling on the floor. The way the dog awkwardly flails his paws around is quite entertaining.

Happy weekend to you!

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