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Treat Yo Self {Fun Friday}

Happy Friday!! We made it to the weekend, people! I’m not usually this way, but I have been ready for Friday since Monday.  TGIF.

No big weekend plans here. I need to catch up on sleep and chores, but that’s about it. Sometimes the best kind of weekend is one without plans. On to some things that made me smile or laugh this week!

Have you ever seen a humorous Amazon review?


I also found this list of funny Amazon reviews, and  I thought others might enjoy it, too.

During one of the weekends that I spent in Wilmington with Derek, we went to Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. While we were there, we noticed some unique signage at the drink station. I, naturally, took some pictures.


Sweet Ice T


NOT Sweet Ice T


Ice Cube

Love it.

As you likely know from past posts, I am a fan of the show “Parks and Recreation.” This past week I was hesitant about spending $40 on a watch for work (which isn’t even an outrageous amount of money). I have a hard time buying things that I want but don’t necessarily need, but then I thought of the scene from P&R below.

Always makes me laugh. Treat yo self.  (P.S. I ended up getting this watch, and I love it. Highly recommend.)

Like most people, I was saddened to hear about Robin Williams’ death. Out of his many critically acclaimed movies, my favorite is Good Will Hunting. In fact, Williams improvised part of my favorite scene from that movie. You can tell that Matt Damon is really laughing, and the camera actually shakes because the camera operator is laughing as well. In memory of his work and life, I wanted to share the scene because it always makes me smile. (NSFW due to language.)

What a beautiful and real way to think about love. Rest in peace.

Have a great weekend!

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