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In Case of Accident Bring Cheese and Crackers {Fun Friday}

Well I’m posting another Fun “Friday” post on Saturday. Fail. I didn’t get back into town from Kentucky until 1AM Tuesday morning, and it threw off my week a bit. Apologies for the delay! Without further ado, here are some pictures, videos, and stories that made me smile or laugh this week. Enjoy!

Derek is a big Star Wars fan, so I got a kick out of showing him this picture.

According to the source, this little guy won 3rd place in a PetSmart Star Wars competition. I’d love to see the 1st and 2nd place pups because I think this one is great.

Since I’m apparently going through a dog phase, next up is a video of a very vocal dog who hates the alarm clock more than most people do.

You can almost hear him whining, “Turn it offfffffff!”

As a social worker, learning about innovative, community-based non-profit organizations always makes me smile. This week I found out about The Oregon Public House, which is a non-profit pub.  The Oregon Public House seeks to create a “family-friendly pub environment where our neighbors from the surrounding area can come to enjoy community around good food and craft beer while supporting great causes.” The video below explains more about the non-profit and the charities involved.

I’m a fan of their motto as well.


What a cool idea. If I ever make it out to Oregon I plan on visiting.

Finally, I love this winery’s sense of humor. One can only hope for an “unfortunate” wine truck accident.


In case of accident bring cheese and crackers. Lots and lots of cheese and crackers. Source.

Happy weekend to you!

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables {Fun Friday}

It’s a historic day here on Brown is the New Pink. I’m posting my fun Friday post on Friday afternoon. Victory!

TGIF y’all! It’s been another busy week. My dad had  knee replacement surgery on Monday, so I’ve been checking in with my parents everyday. He’s home now and doing well, but I wish I could be there with them. On a good note, I also bought my plane ticket for my trip home to Kentucky in September. We’ll be celebrating my grandfather’s 90th birthday the weekend that I visit. I can’t wait to see everyone! I also got dinner with my friends Caroline and Jenna this week, and I had a great time catching up with both of them. To top it all off, Derek is coming home tonight! It’s always a good week when I get to see or talk to all of my favorite people.

Anyway, enough about my week. On to some stories, videos, and pictures that made me smile and laugh this week.

I haven’t posted anything from him in a while, but I love Stephen Colbert. He never fails to make me laugh. Below is a clip of him and Jon Stewart vying for the title of World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan.

Jamil Ahmad, former Pakistani civil servant, wrote a book of short stories called The Wandering Falcon. He passed away this week at home at the age of 83. I heard Ahmad’s story on NPR, and I’ve had it on my mind ever since. He completed the book’s manuscript around 1973-74. Ahmad reached out to publishers back then, but no one took the story. His wife, Helga Ahmad, persisted with the search for a publisher, and he was finally published when he was 79 years old. It took 40 years and the encouragement and support of his spouse, but he finally became a published author. What a great reminder to never give up on your dreams and that supporting others’ dreams can make all the difference for them.

Like most people, I attend several meetings each week at work. While I can appreciate their purpose, they can be long and tedious. The image below sums up how I feel towards the end of seemingly never-ending meeting.


Below is an amusing video about an innovative way to reduce food waste and get more people to eat fruits and vegetables. The EU made 2014 the “European Year Against Food Waste,” and a supermarket chain in France decided to launch a campaign to sell imperfect fruits and vegetables. The campaign is called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables.” The grocery stores sold fruit juice and vegetable soup made with inglorious fruits and veggies to show that they tasted the same as their better looking counterparts, and they reduced the price of these fruits and vegetables by 30%. Less waste and more affordable produce? What a great idea!

I’ll conclude this week’s fun Friday post with a mindlessly funny video. The dog in the video is SO freaked out by an egg rolling on the floor. The way the dog awkwardly flails his paws around is quite entertaining.

Happy weekend to you!

It’s Gonna Be May {Fun Friday}

If you didn’t see my post from last Saturday, I am posting things that make me laugh or smile every Friday. It is my way of separating myself from my work and transitioning into the weekend. Right now it’s not much of a transition since I’m finished with school and don’t start work until May 19th, but I want to get into the habit of doing it. I also hope that it will make someone else smile, especially if it’s been a rough week.


I keep seeing this lovely picture of JT floating around on Facebook, and it cracked me up. If your wondering what the heck this is referring to, it’s from this NSYNC song.


I shared this with my friends on Facebook already, but I found a really neat story/cookbook when I was browsing reddit. Leanne Brown, a grad student at NYU, created a cookbook called Good and Cheap. It is “a collection of recipes for folks with limited income, particularly those on SNAP benefits (formerly the Food Stamp program).” It’s free, and it’s made for those trying to live on $4/day. Delicious food AND social justice?!? I’m in love.

For all of the Harry Potter/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings people out there, you may enjoy this video. The power of magic is pitted against the force. What’s not to love? The end is the best part, so make sure to watch it all the way through.

Finally, I can’t remember where I saw this, but it makes me laugh and sums up how I feel right now as a graduate starting my first job. I know it’s not entirely true, but it’s how I feel sometimes.



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