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Happy Birthday Derek! {Fun Friday}

Happy Friday! We made it! And it’s not just any Friday here at the Pinkerton household; it’s Derek’s birthday! Happy 24th birthday to my amazing husband! I’m so excited to celebrate with him and our friends this weekend. I also cannot wait to give Derek his present.

Side note: I am the absolute worst about presents. If the present is for me, I do everything I can to find out what it is, and if the present is for someone else, it’s hard for me to keep it a surprise. I pride myself on being thoughtful about gifts, and I get more way more excited about giving them than receiving them. I’ve threatened to give Derek his gift all week, and he keeps making me wait until his actual birthday. What a party pooper.

Now let’s kick off what I’m sure will be a fun-filled weekend with some images, videos, and stories that made me smile or laugh this week . . .

Earlier this week I sent out a Facebook event invite to let people know that we’re going bowling for Derek’s birthday. In the process of putting it together, I found the perfect E-card for the invite:


Since Derek is turning 24, I feel the need to share the video below. One of my friends from grad school showed this in our adult development class, and it cracked me up. Enjoy!

The line about Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s is so true.

I’m a little late to the party with this next video, but it is quite funny. It’s a little long and slow at the beginning, but it gets better and better as it goes on.

Who is champ?

To wrap things up I’ll share a clip from one of my other favorite TV shows- New Girl.  I can’t wait for the fall TV premiers that start in September!

I feel like every household should have its own douchebag jar. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

5 Questions- Part II

A few weeks ago I decided to start making posts in which I answer 5 random questions, and I felt like making another one. Here’s the first 5 Questions post if you didn’t see it already.

1. What is the best compliment you have received? 

Jenna, my best friend and maid of honor, gave the most wonderful toast at our wedding. In her speech she said that she was thankful to have me as a friend because I make life an adventure. I can’t think of a much better compliment than that, especially from someone I love and admire as much as Jenna.

2. What do you order or not order at a restaurant?

If I can make it at home, I generally don’t order it. Since I meal plan and cook the majority of the time, going out to eat is my chance to treat myself with something I can’t or don’t normally cook. I like to try whatever is considered to be the “house special.” I also love getting to know different cultures through food, so I try to select dishes that are more authentic and traditional if possible.

3. Do you have any birthmarks or tattoos? 

No tattoos for me. I have 2 birthmarks. I have a small one on my wrist and a larger one on my knee. The one on my knee looks like Scooby-Doo’s head.


Imagine them facing the same direction. Weird, right?

4. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which would you choose? 

Parenthood for sure. I love that show! The Braverman’s are kind of crazy but heartfelt and sincere. I only have one sibling and one cousin, so the idea of having a big, boisterous family with people my age is appealing to me (at least for a month anyway). It also doesn’t hurt that they live in Berkeley, California.

P.S. Parenthood is streaming on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet. Watch it!

5. What is your favorite commercial? 

Because the world is awesome.

Please feel free to post one of your own answers to the questions!


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